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NBA teasers

What is a teaser?

It’s a bet in which you take two or more teams and add a set amount of points to the lines of each team. In the NBA the most common teasers are 4.5, 5, and 5.5 points, with both higher and lower point totals available from some betting shops.
Let’s say we have a game LA Lakers vs Charlotte Bobcats, where Lakers are favorites by 7 points. So, if you only play the spread staright Lakers need to win by 8 points. If you were to bet a 4.5 point teaser then those lines would become Los Angeles -2.5 and Bobcats +11.5. A teaser needs to contain at least 2 games. You aren’t limited to just two games, either – you can add more games, and your greater risk is rewarded by a greater monetary return. Some books also have a super teaser that allows you even more points (often seven or more) at a lower payoff. Teasers are great to play when there’s a game between two close games and the points you buy can make a big difference.

Usually most of the sportbooks pay a 2 teams teaser (4,5 points) at odds of 1,90 (-110).

One area to concentrate on when betting that NBA teaser is to look at a team you really like to win that is around a 5-7 point favorite. Then basically all you need them to do is win the game. Another one to look at is a small favorite of 1-2 points. You then can get them at a plus three points.
There’s  specific situations where a teaser could be attractive. For example, that your handicapping has led you to identify two solid favorites that you like, but which you are lukewarm about. If both teams were favored by seven, and you figure that they will win by somewhere between five and eight points, then you won’t feel confident betting on them on the point spread, but you also wouldn’t feel confident betting on their opponents. You could confidently bet the moneyline, but the return would be low given the size of the spread. By using a four-point teaser you could adjust both point spreads down so that the spreads are below your predicted score. That might be the best way to confidently maximize profit potential given your suspected result.

Some places will also let you bet totals on your teasers. There are also places that offer different pointspreads. It can vary as much as 3 or 4 points per place, so be sure and check the rules when you bet your NBA teaser. Don’t forget when you bet your teaser to concentrate on the same things that you do normally. Sometimes people forget the basics when they are getting extra points. Don’t be lulled into that. The extra points are a type of security blanket for you. Don’t let the extra points get you into playing games that you would not normally play. Concentrate on your strengths. Look at the situation. Are you playing on a strong home team that rarely loses but doesn’t always cover? They would be a good choice for your teaser. What about an underdog you really like? Those extra points sure are nice to have when you are already a nice dog. I really like those added points when everyone expects a competitive game. You know that when the Lakers play the Spurs, those games are generally close. Those extra points give you a nice feeling when the game is likely to end right around the pointspread number. This is also very helpful in playoff games.

The NBA teasers can be really helpful to your bottom line when playoff time rolls around. You know the games are usually close and teams rarely give up. Near the end of the game the pointspread is usually in doubt. Getting those extra 4 or 5 points can turn your loser into a winner.

We’ll follow up on this strategy and demonstrate if and how profitable can it be . We’ll play NBA teasers only at the recommended sportbooks .

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