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Teaser Strategies for NBA bets

Teasers can be a very good way to add insurance to your NBA  wagers.  In most of the cases , you get the best bang for your buck  when adding insurance to your wagers by using teasers. It  might be a good way to yield profitable results and keep monetary losses to a minimum.

Just as a reminder, a teaser is a wager that involves at least two bets.  In the case of an NBA bet, you can tease against the spread line as well as the total (over/under) line.  See below for an example of what the odds might look like:


Toronto Raptors                  +4                   O 192

Dallas Mavericks                 -4                    U 192

Let’s say that you decide to place a 5 point NBA teaser wager on the game and you like the Raptors and under the total.  The odds shift to below:

Toronto Raptors                +9                     O 187

Dallas Mavericks               +1                     U 197

If you like the game to go over the total, the over/under will be at 187.  Why use a teaser strategy?  The reason to use a teaser strategy is so that you can add insurance for both your total bet as well as the against the spread line wager.  Again, the NBA playoffs  is shaping up to be an extremely competitive affair.  If that’s the case, then it’s likely that the games should be close.  But there is a decided difference between the Raptors  being favored by +4  and being favored by +9.

However, the cost to tease points up or down on the ATS and total lines rises.


Your likely investment on a 5 point teaser is going to rise by about 30% give or take the odds.  Therefore, for every $100 that you wished to pocket in profits, you’d have to invest $130.  If you wished to pocket $200 in profit, you’d have to invest $260.  The 30% is the premium to change the ATS and total lines by 5 points.


Teasers definitely aren’t for everybody, but, using a teaser strategy might be the best way to ensure that you profit off of your NBA wagers.  Sometimes, it makes sense to put up the insurance premium, in this case a likely 30% for every dollar, in order to ensure that you can cash a profitable ticket.

Be smart and use the NBA teasers for close match ups and always consider picking the underdog. Buying the points proves to be the right call in over 50% of the cases and a very productive NBA betting strategy.

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