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NBA Fights reviews

With its peak in the 90’s, NBA has proven to be one of the most popular games in the world! The 1992 Barcelona Olympics which was endorsed to fame by the dream team headed by Michael Jordan signaled the rise to fame of the NBA and the whole world was conquered by the basketball arena. That time, NBA was the coolest game for audiences of all ages. The reign of Michael Jordan being the king of basketball continued to rise to its peak.

The increasing popularity of NBA during that time seemed to be very unbeatable you would not imagine any other form of sport to out shadow it. With the emergence of new players in the late 90’s, the struggle to beat up Michael Jordan’s record was a challenge for them. The legendary performance of Michael Jordan was truly irrevocable. Playing in the NBA is like a dream come true for every player. NBA was made more colorful with the theme of rap hits as a means of promotion. The artists are so engrossed as well with the NBA and vice versa that you cannot distinguish which is which. Even the NBA soundtrack which is in the tune of hip-hop was a great hit. The artists were of the same age group, same interests and same goals as to NBA players and that is to conquer the world. Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal added to the heights of the promotion and soon video games like slam dunk emerged and penetrated the market creating very good revenue for business. Jerseys are everywhere. You could see it mostly with teenagers wearing them, showing to the world what the NBA has got to offer.

While the NBA rise to stardom seemed to be unstoppable, the incidence of NBA fights in the court also raised. Temper flares were very common then and the basketball players, sad to say became physical during the game. They seem to enjoy the controversy every time the incident happens and it became way uncontrollable at times resulting to serious physical injuries.

Come the year 2000, NBA has attained its own limelight with the confusion of whether to concentrate in the United States and the struggle to invade countries overseas. Young aspirants as well had become more obsessed with the game jumping to the NBA play offs which in turn added a lot of confusion as to what the game is truly promoting. To top that, some of the basketball players became involved with different scandals, improper conduct and all sorts of unwanted controversy.  The media added insult to injury because the negative promotion for NBA players became worse; from drug addiction to illegal possession of firearms and worse arrests. One unforgettable moment happened on November 19, 2004 when a brawl happened between Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons. It was so far the biggest mistake in the NBA history.

Currently, the NBA has somehow regained its name with the slow progress to stardom again. New blood has risen and little by little, NBA fights had been eliminated so far!

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