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Dwight Howard saga

Dwight Howard saga

Does Dwight Howard worth so much attention from the media this summer ? Apparently yes… After the Lebron’s decision , we have the Howard oddissey. Is he leaving, is he staying ???

As per  ESPN’s Chris Broussard, a Magic executive has told NBA executives that they may keep Howard. In the picture, you have Dwight’s reaction …. 
The Orlando Magic have told rival executives that they might not trade Dwight Howard after all, according to league sources.
An executive who has had discussions with the Magic regarding Howard said Orlando only will trade the star center in a deal that is great for the franchise. The executive said this has been Orlando’s stance for the past “week or so.” Another executive who has talked with Orlando said he thinks the Magic may start the season with Howard and wait until the February trade deadline to move him.

Broussard goes on to discuss the Rockets and Lakers. Both franchises have been in hot pursuit of Howard from Day 1, but both their front offices claim the feeling that Orlando doesn’t want to move their star center. Well, it doesn’t matter at this point. It’s not a matter of if the Magic will lose Howard, it’s a matter of when. There’s not a package in the world that’s less valuable than having a top star walk away with absolutely nothing in return.

Howard’s reasoning behind avoiding Los Angeles remains unclear. He could be chasing more money as a free agent, or he could be afraid of following in Shaquille O’Neal’s gigantic footsteps.Either way, it doesn’t make sense, and it seems like he’s just playing games at this point.
The Lakers are built to win now, and the team’s front office has proven in the past that it knows how to build around a star. Mitch Kupchak isn’t going to leave Howard by himself once Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash retire.
The Lakers are an ideal destination for Howard. If his agent is correct, Howard will be making a big mistake. But who knows what he’s thinking at this point? He’s been indecisive through this entire process, and it’s taken on a life of its own.

Howard will eventually move whether he likes it or not. Going to an immediate contender should sound better to him than it apparently does. Orlando really has nothing to gain here. The packages aren’t going to get better. Howard’s stock isn’t going to get higher, and he’s not going to be any happier than he was before. Rather than let him fester on this team like an infected wound, Hennigan and Co. should move him immediately.

As the way the entire scenario is looking right now, there’s a high posibility Howard will continue in sunny California.

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