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Lebron James to New York ?

Lots of NBA rumors lately, and still no answer about Lebron’s new destination. There is no denying Lebron will make his money and lots of it, wherever he goes! However, being in NYC, he will make tons more! If he wins a championship in NYC he will make even more. Imagine if Michael Jordan called the garden home? He would of definitely have made more. NYC is the world stage! Its a global city. its the home of the United Nations, Center of commerce, Fashion, Marketing etc..It has the highest percentage of billionaires calling NYC their home. Lebron has the chance to rub elbows with the worlds movers and shakers in a daily basis with potential to make business deals for himself. If he wants a clothing brand and perfume business, he would be in the right place. What ever he wishes to do, He could do it because he has the name and the talent and calling NYC his home would give him even greater exposure in the global stage. If you listen the languages spoken in the Garden, you’ll hear many different languages.. Many of it is European!. NYC is the #1 tourist destination… Etc. It’s the real exposure actually being in Gotham that would tuly make King James a Global Icon and the Master of the Universe.

The focus of the New York Knicks‘ pitch to LeBron  (and a specially prepared report for the meeting): Hell yes it matters. Forbes got a hold of the PowerPoint that says, basically, you can only make $1 billion in New York. And you want to make $1 billion, don’t you? You are not going to make that in Miami and Cleveland, and probably not in Chicago. Why? Because we’re New York.

Lebron to NY

Lebron to NY

To come up with the numbers for the Knicks, Interbrand says it ran through 50,000 computer models of a potential LeBron career, using more than 200 variables like individual performance, fan demographics and championships. The report is light on the details of its methodology, but comes to this conclusion: LeBron has a 50% chance of earning at least $1 billion in New York. In Cleveland and Chicago the odds fall to 1%. The study put a 0% chance of LeBron making $1 billion playing for Miami.

I think the Knicks would be the best choice. They have a few roll players in Lee and Gallinari. They’re also close to landing Stoudemire… another roll player. If they get a decent point guard that would be a team to reckon with. And it’s also a team that LeBron can still call “his” team. Add this with the fact that NY makes the most sense monetarily and I’d say NY is definitely the place to be. I’d use the same argument for Chicago but do you really think he wants to build his legacy in the house that Jordan built?

Very possible that nobody cares how much money Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods made, except for their ex wives. But everybody knows how many championship rings, finals MVP Jordan has. Jordan didn’t earn the bulk of his money from his basketball salary, it was the endorsements. And people bought Air Jordans, well… because he’s a champion with 6 rings. So, no matter where he’s going, once the ring will come , the money will follow too.

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