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NBA overpayed players

Considering the actual economic situation in USA in nowdays ,there s still  plenty of absurdly rich players getting millions of dollars . Thanks to the salary cap and the luxury tax, there is only so much money that can be given to players, and when one guy is underpaid, it means another is overpaid.
Here is a list of the notorious names of the last season .

1. Stephon Marbury, Knicks. 2008-09 salary: $21.9 million. Marbury’s season ended with ankle surgery, and it’s likely no one with the Knicks really noticed. He had averaged 13.9 points in 24 games. The follies of Isiah Thomas are many and costly (Jerome James will make $6.2 million, Malik Rose will make $7.6 million and Jared Jeffries will make $6 million), but Marbury’s contract rules. There’s only one way to make one of the NBA’s worst teams its highest paid team, and that’s to vastly overpay everyone.
2. Antoine Walker, Grizzlies. ’08-09 salary: $9.3 million. Walker is emblematic of the Heat team that stormed to the 2006 championship. He got the ring, had some champagne, went to the beach and never really returned. He was already on the downward slope before the championship, but after that, the wheels fell off. He shot 39.7 percent the next year, then 36.3 percent in 46 games in Minnesota last year. Hard to say whether the Grizzlies will even let Walker on the floor this year, though his contract remains valuable in a trade (because it expires after the season). Either way, Walker has a team option next summer. Safe to say the Grizzlies won’t be exercising it.
3. Ben Wallace, Cavaliers. ’08-09 salary: $14.5 million. Maybe money really can’t buy happiness. Wallace is a case in point. Something about the enormous four-year, $60 million deal Wallace signed with the Bulls in the summer of 2006 seems to have made him irreparably prickly and grumpy, to the point that the Bulls were trying to dump him a year after signing him. Wallace clearly isn’t the athlete he once was, which has cut down on his ability to dominate defensively but has greatly increased his BBCRMOL status. He averaged 4.8 points and 8.4 rebounds on 39.2 percent shooting, which is now the Cavs’ problem.
4.Jermaine O’Neal, Raptors. ’08-09 salary: $21.3 million. Good health has eluded O’Neal. He has played 44, 51, 69 and 42 games in his last four seasons. Even when he was active, he hasn’t been worth in excess of $20 million. It becomes imperative now that he get on the court and stay there, because the Raptors are sinking a lot of their future into the notion that O’Neal can boost Chris Bosh and this team into the upper level of the East. He can’t do that in civvies.
5. Raef LaFrentz, Blazers. ’08-09 salary: $12.7 million. LaFrentz is 31 and has been slowed by injuries throughout his career. If he had anything left to give, we wouldn’t know it because he is not going to play behind Portland’s pack of talented young big men. He managed just 39 appearances last year, averaging 1.7 points and 1.7 rebounds.

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