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NBA trades 2011 – Part 2

We continue the review of the most important NBA trades in 2011 with the second part. This  can very helpful to determine the most effective NBA fantasy teams and also in the perspective of the new NBA season.

One of the most important NBA trades so far, if not the No.1 trade this winter, Chris Paul to LA Clippers. It was a lot to give up for the Clippers, but this is an incredibly special point guard in Paul, and the team has never had a player like him on the roster.

The combination of Paul and Blake Griffin has fans insanely excited about the “other” franchise in Los Angeles, and it’s a bold move that the team had to pull off in order to prove that the club is not a doormat in the league any longer.
The Grizzlies absolutely had to re-sign Marc Gasol given how important he is to what Memphis does as a team, and the team knew all along that there was no way he could be allowed to go anywhere else. The Grizzlies have too much invested in Mike Conley and Zach Randolph (with each getting a recent extension) to allow Gasol to get an extended look elsewhere.
Golden State overpaid Brown. However, it’s a one-year deal, so the Warriors are not locked into anything long-term, and the team had absolutely no presence defensively in the low post had the club not inked Brown to a contract. Given the style of play the team wants to operate under with Mark Jackson at the helm, a banger down low was a critical addition.
DeAndre Jordan signed with Los Angeles Clippers. This one makes a lot more sense for Los Angeles’ future. Chris Paul single-handedly revived Tyson Chandler’s career in New Orleans, and although Jordan is not at Chandler’s level, the similarities between their games at this stage in their respective careers is clear.
Vince Carter continues his odyssey at Dallas Mavericks. Carter doesn’t have much left in the tank at this stage of his career, but he’s a nice piece off the bench if used properly in Rick Carlisle’s attack. There’s not a lot of risk whatsoever involved with the signing, but to think that he’s going to contribute 15 points nightly off the bench is far too much to expect from him, given how he looked last year.
Josh McRoberts serving as depth behind Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol is a whole lot better than Theo Ratliff, Joe Smith, D.J. Mbenga or any other veteran at the end of his career. Lakers did a good move on this one. The club had to address concerns about getting younger and more athletic in that department, and given that McBob got just the mini mid-level exception on a two-year deal, he’ll play a nice role in Mike Brown’s new approach.
Nene is overpaid but the Denver front court would’ve been remarkably thin had the club not been able to retain the veteran who has anchored the approach up front.He’s just 29 years old, and he can make a big impact for the Nuggets as the team looks to retool in the post-Carmelo Anthony era.
The Bulls scored big with the addition of a veteran like Hamilton for just two seasons and $10 million. He’s a fantastic addition to serve in a starting role alongside Derrick Rose, and his type of championship experience and commitment to winning is exactly the type of thing that will blend brilliantly in Tom Thibodeau’s locker room.
Reggie Williams showed that he can score when given the opportunity to do so when he was with the Warriors, but he struggles in almost every other aspect of the game. Charlotte was desperate to add some offense after struggling last season in that department, but he’s already sidelined for six to eight weeks following knee surgery and is going to miss a lot of valuable practice time as a result.
Carl Landry is a nice piece to have back for the Hornets despite his hefty price tag ($8.75 million), but the commitment is just for a single season and allows the team to enter a loaded 2012 offseason with additional cap space.
Jamal Crawford moving to Portland Trail Blazers. The volume scorer will have the offense tailored to him in the second unit, and he’s especially important given Brandon Roy’s retirement. He is going to be very fun to watch in the Portland offense, and given the contract that he signed to come aboard, it’s just another example as to why acting General Manager Chad Buchanan should be handed the full-time job.
A trade that was consider quite tricky by most of the analysts. Glen Davis (Orlando Magic) for Brandon Bass (Boston Celtics).Celtics  had very little interest in retaining “Big Baby” at that price, and Danny Ainge did really well to turn him into Bass. The bruising big man is a better fit for what the Celtics want to do beneath the basket, and he comes with very limited financial risk at just $4 million this season.
Excellent trade for the Mavericks. Odom requested to be dealt following the vetoed Chris Paul trade which would’ve put him in New Orleans, and the Mavericks had an $8.9 million trade exception in the back pocket waiting to be used. Dallas widely swooped in on Odom at pennies on the dollar after Los Angeles GM Mitch Kupchak was forced to make a move, and Mark Cuban made a splash after losing Tyson Chandler to New York.
Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer to Denver Nuggets who lost some depth on the wing after J.R. Smith and Wilson Chandler both signed in China, but the new additions well help round out the attack in the second unit.Denver might have really gotten a steal with Fernandez now that he’s in a place where he’ll actually be utilized, and Brewer’s defensive intensity is not something that should be overlooked.
Tyson Chandler to New York Knicks. Despite the team giving Chauncey Billups the boot via the amnesty clause in order to make this happen, Chandler instantly gives New York the best front line in all of basketball.The Knicks have lacked a legitimate center since the days of Marcus Camby in the middle.
The season just started , so good luck everyone and stay tuned for more free NBA tips and NBA articles.

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