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NBA vs Europe

A NBA rumor was on the blogosphere this wek that each of the players on the Turkish National Team that won the silver medal at last month’s World Championship received a bonus of 1 million Turkish Lira (about $700,000) along with a free villa/apartment, courtesy of a wealthy Turkish real estate mogul who wanted to reward them for their success. Just ot give you an idea , the Turkish center Semih Erden who just signed with the Celtics makes $473,000 / year … No wonder if one day we’ll some NBA super stars migrting to the old continent .

Allen Iverson

Sad Allen Iverson thinking about Turkey

On the same note, Allen Iverson is reported as negotiating with the turkish club Besiktas. His salary of $1.5 million can take him over $2 million with the different bonuses. One area still being negotiated is how much Besiktas could fine Iverson — his people want to keep that at no more than $15,000 per fine tops, but the club wants it higher.
Iverson may also want to do his homework on the financial viability of Besiktas, as one American born player, Lonnie Baxter, has sued the team for non-payment.
The Turkish league certainly has some talent (and this is a top squad in the leauge), although Iverson’s game seems a questionable fit for the European style game — over there ball and off-the-ball player movement is key, where Iverson is mostly an American-style isolation, drive-and-kick player. But after not only struggling on the court but also having different issues at his last teams, Iverson is not going to get an NBA invite right now. If he wants to play it will have to be overseas somewhere.

And for the end a last minute NBA update : the Hornets have announced they have reached a one-year deal with DJ Mbenga. Who cares ????

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