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Start in NBA 2010

It’s been 3 days since the new NBA season started and it was a blast to watch the teams and their new players going head to head in this amazing 82 games race. Here are few impressions and opinions after the season’s start.

LeBron James racked up a terrible total of 8 turnovers to only 3 assists in Tuesday’s loss to Boston. He followed that up with 9 turnovers to 7 assists on Wednesday against Philly. Yeah the Heat aren’t all playing on the same page yet, but 17 turnovers in two games is way unacceptable for anyone, let alone the two-time MVP with the ball in his hands all the time. James’ career averages are 7 assists and 3.3 turnovers per game. Today, Dwyane Wade scored 26 points in Miami’s home opener, James had 15 points and seven assists and the Heat scored the first 14 points of the second half to turn a close game into a surprisingly one-sided 96-70 victory over the Magic.
In what’s always been considered a football town, the Heat are hotter than perhaps ever before. A pair of courtside seats to the game against Orlando sold on for the whopping sum of $25,884, company spokesman Glenn Lehrman said. StubHub’s data showed that the average price for any seat was $325. Interesting ….

Rockets’ big man Luis Scola entered his fourth season with a lot of confidence. Against the Lakers’ killer frontcourt on Tuesday night, Scola went for an 18-16 double-double while nearly stealing the win in LA. He followed that up with a much better 36-16 double-double in a win at Golden State. He’s smart, he busts heads under the hoop, and he’s shown clear improvement over his first three seasons (went from 10-6 to 13-9 to 16-9, currently averaging a 27-16)

Finally, Blake Griffin’s debut for the Clippers . But I think it was all deserved : 20 points (8-for-14 shooting), 14 rebounds (including a ridiculously good 9 offensive), 4 assists, and a steal. His first pro basket was a thunderous dunk while nearly being undercut.

He was super active, knows how to use a spin move to get to the hole, and is tenacious on the offensive board, regularly using a board in traffic as a put-back. For reference, Tim Duncan’s first game ever was a 15-10 (1 offensive) double-double.

John Wall

The No 1 draft pick – John Wall debuted for the Wizards. Nearly going for a double-double in an NBA debut sounds good. But not if it requires 19 shots to reach 14 points (most of which came against Orlando’s second unit when the game was already over) and enough bad play overall to result in a -31 plus/minus, which I believe is the worst in the entire league right now for any player – so yes, it was the worst on his own squad in a 29-point drubbing. His 9 assist to 3 turnovers were good, as were his 3 steals, but only 1 rebound and 3 free throw attempts in 35 minutes. Pretty modest.

Utah dropped their opening match 110-88 on Wednesday to an undermanned Denver team. They had more turnovers than assists and shot like crap, plus they got outrebounded by a team missing 2 of their 3 top big men. They had a chance to redeem themselves on Thursday against the Suns, and it was a whole lot more of the same. They lost by a similar 110-94 score, which again was deceptively “close” (were already down by 16 at halftime). They again shot like crap and allowed the other team to shoot well, but they did eek out 3 more assists than turnovers (19 to 16 – still bad). Deron Williams and the whole offense have just looked “off,” and the game plan for opponents seems to be to bother Al Jefferson early since a) he’s rattle-able, and b) Paul Millsap isn’t exactly going to carry the offensive load for you inside the paint. You have to think Williams and coach Jerry Sloan will have these problems worked out soon, so expect either a surprise win over the Thunder on Sunday, or three beatdowns in a row next week over Toronto (Wednesday), Golden State (Friday), and the Clippers (Saturday).

We’ll monitor the first 2 weeks of games closely and starting mid November the free NBA betting tips will be available again.

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